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Competence and reliability for complex turned parts,
machined parts and assemblies for over 40 years.

Quality and safety are our number one priority


Quality policy: our principles

It’s a combination of reliability and many years of experience that allowed us to gain the confidence of our customers and generate strong customer loyalty. This confidence and loyalty is reflected in our steady growth since the company was founded.

The quality of our services is owed to our qualified team, a team that is motivated and dedicated to working on constantly meeting our customer requirements.

Our mutual appreciation of each other is an important part of our idea of teamwork, so that our customers will see us as a reliable and competent business. The resulting sense of responsibility determines the way we handle the workpieces, so that the user can be sure of the required functionality and product safety.

Since much is expected of our services, we see the following principles as an obligation:

  • We want to ensure that we meet our customers' requirements, provide the highest quality standards and continuously improve our services through a comprehensive management.
  • We show flexibility and commitment in filling special orders or eliminating bottlenecks quickly.
  • Our environment and the livelihood of future generations, the continuous improvement of working conditions and the preservation of jobs are of particular concern to us.
  • The materials and energy sources we use are critically and carefully examined as to their environmental compatibility. Likewise, we are constantly striving to minimize consumption in order to save valuable resources.
  • Ensuring the occupational health and safety of our employees and business partners is one of our priorities and therefore an integral part of our actions.
  • We always want to ensure that we meet all provisions and standards required by law.

To achieve these objectives, we attach great importance to providing comprehensive information and training for our employees. This helps everyone to adhere to specified processes, to continuously improve them and to meet the high expectations of our customers and those placed on our environmental awareness.

Our team is highly motivated in facing future challenges, and we are always happy when we manage to inspire our customers.